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Many parents have asked, "Which division is best for my child?”  The vision of Little League International is that by the time your child is 11, he or she should be ready to play in the Major Division.  Livermore Little League wants all players to learn how to play and enjoy the game of baseball.  To ensure players continue to be developed appropriately as they grow, we have supplemented Little League International’s game rules with additional local game rules that we believe recognize player’s skill levels and levels of understanding as they move up through the various divisions.  

While actual division placement is based on the draft, families can choose between the Tee Ball, Farm, Minors, Majors, Intermediate, and Upper Divisions, based on a player's League Age (as indicated below).

Keep in mind, the division skill level changes from year to year based on the number of teams. Many parents have said, "I don't think my child is ready for XXX division, or assume because they excelled last year, they'll automatically move up to the next division."

A lot of time and energy goes into choosing managers and choosing the number of teams per division to ensure the skill level is appropriate for each age, and we are competitive in All Stars in the summer.  It all starts in Majors, how many teams we have. If we have an extra team in Majors, that's 12 more players that move up, which trickles down the divisions to Single A and even Farm. It can have a dramatic effect on the skill level of each division. Please trust the process for the age in which they are placed. If you have any questions or concerns, you can email [email protected]

If you are looking for the league boundary map for Livermore, that can be found here.

Ages below are for the Spring Season.  Ages and rules may vary slightly for Fall Ball.

T Ball (Ages 4-5)

  • Designed for brand new players
  • Serves as an introduction to basic baseball concepts with an emphasis on teamwork
  • Played on either a dirt or grass field
  • Combination of coach pitch and hitting off a tee
  • All players bat and play the field each inning
  • Game scores and standings are not kept
Farm (Ages 5-6)

  • Added to accommodate older Tee Ball players and those that have previous Tee Ball experience, including first time 5 and 6 year old players
  • Played on either a dirt or grass field
  • Typically coach pitch
  • All players bat and play the field each inning
  • Game scores and standings are not kept
  • Outs are played (i.e. player removed from base if out), but players still bat through the order.
    • Second half of season, after 3 outs, inning switches
Teeball and Farm typically have 2 practices per week with games on Saturday's. Practice schedules are up to the coaches on when and where and how often. (Hint hint: if you manage your own team, you get to choose your practice schedule. You're planning on being at the practices anyway, so why not pick your times and manage a team!). :-)

We've received a few emails about league age 7 wanting to stay in Farm. For the 2020 season, we have made the decision to move all 7's to Single A, based on a number of factors. We feel this is the right thing to do, they will be with their peers the same league age. 

For any questions regarding the Tball and Farm divisions, please email [email protected]


Minor Division: Ages 6 - 11

Players that are league age 6 AND have participated in at least one year of Tee Ball or Farm may choose to tryout for the Minors Division.

  • Combination of Little League and local rules with emphasis on player development
  • Baseball field with bases 60 feet apart
  • Single A is coach pitched, AA & AAA are player pitched
  • A and AA has 4 outfielders, AAA and above has only 3.
  • Continuous batting order (everyone bats through, but innings are switched at 3 outs like normal baseball)
  • Minimum play time per player per complete game: 4 innings, 1 "at bat”
Please note, kids league age 6 will need to register in Farm, and attend tryouts. If they are drafted into Single A, we will move them in the system.

A waiver is needed from District to allow 12 years old who aren't ready for Majors to stay in AAA.

For questions about registering for the Minor Division, please contact [email protected]

Major Division and Above: Ages 9 - 13

Major (Age 9-12)

  • Little League International rules control play with some local rules interjected as allowed
  • Highly competitive
  • Baseball field with bases 60 feet apart
  • Minimum play time per player per game: 9 defensive outs, 1 "at bat”
  • Continuous batting order
  • Mostly 11 and 12 year olds, but 9 and 10's are eligible and will be placed accordingly based on the draft.
Intermediate (Ages 12-13)

  • Played on 50 ft mound and 70 ft bases
  • Rules follow Green Book rules for Intermediate, almost the same rules as major league baseball (leads, pick-offs, etc.)
  • Play against other Intermediate teams in District 57
  • House & Gold teams available
  • Chance to play in the Intermediate World Series, hosted in Livermore and televised on ESPN

Note: 12 Year olds will be allowed to try out for the Intermediate Division.  Final selections to an Intermediate team are made by the Manager(s) of the Intermediate teams(s).  The number of teams in the Intermediate Division will be determined at the time of the draft.  Any 12 year old who does not make an Intermediate team will be made eligible for the Major Division Draft.  

For questions about registering for the Major Division, please contact [email protected]

For questions about the Intermediate Division, please contact [email protected]

Junior / Senior Division: Ages 12 - 16

Juniors (Ages 12 thru 14)

  • Baseball field with bases 90 feet apart
  • Rules are similar to major league baseball
  • Teams play within District 57
  • Several team levels may be available

Seniors (Ages 13 thru 16)

  • Continuation of Junior Program
  • Regular season begins after high school season ends
  • May also have a mini-season prior to regular season for non-high school team players ("premier league")

For questions about the Upper Division, please contact [email protected]

Challenger Division

Ages (5+)

  • Program for developmentally or physically disabled youth and adults who are not able to participate in regular Little League Baseball.
  • Played on baseball fields
  • Combination of coach pitch and hitting off a tee
  • All players bat and play the field each inning
  • Game scores and standings are not kept
  • All Games are played on Sundays in Dublin, CA.
  • Challenger now has two divisions, one for ages 5 to 17 and one for ages 18 and over.
Little League Challenger Information

For questions about the Challenger Division, please contact [email protected]


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