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Documents Required

Registration Documents

In order for us to complete your registration, Little League requires us to validate certain documents.  

In order to upload any of these documents back to your player profile, please login to this website to your account.  On the left side, click on My Account.  Then next to your players name, there is a box with a pencil, click that. It'll take you to the original form where you can upload the correct documents. 

Here's a one pager on all your documents needed: 

Required Documents Needed before your child can play ball (If you didn't upload during the registration process):
  • Birth Certificate (uploaded to your player profile, this is a one-time verification starting this year)
  • Three (3) forms of verification for residency
    • If you are not in our district, but attend a school in our district, you may upload the School Enrollment form.
    • For Fall Ball, this is less stringent, we are also the home for ALL of Livermore. We host GLL and LLL boundaries.
  • Concussion form for each player (this was attached to the registration email, and you have already acknowledged this during registration. If you have any questions, please email our safety officer: [email protected]
  • Volunteer background check (If you are volunteering for any position, this is required by LL International). Our safety officer will email you a background check form from JDP. If you have not received the JDP email, please email our safety officer with your name and email and he will have it sent to you. ALL volunteers need a background check (both spouses if both are volunteering).
Little League has posted this article on player residency, boundary maps and it's importance. 

You can find the GLL and LLL league boundaries mapped here:  Boundary Map

 Birth Certificate: 

  •  In your player profile, the birth certificate needs to be uploaded so it can be validated by our registration coordinator.  
    •  To upload in your player profile, click the Account link in the upper right, then the edit button on each of your players.  You'll need to upload a clear and legible photo of your player's birth certificate. 
    • If it was validated the past two years this does not need to be done again.
  •  Alternatively, you can bring it to make up tryouts (Dec 7th and 8th, 2019). 

Residency Verification

  • Verification of your residence is guided by Little League International Guidelines.  Please be sure you have 1 document from each of the 3 groups.  (example: 3 utilities bills is not sufficient)
  • See this document from LLi regarding the residency proof documentation
  • We need one of each of the following categories to have proof of residency dated between February 1, 2019 and February 1, 2020.

    GROUP ONE 1. Driver’s License 2. School records 3. Vehicle records (i.e.,registration, lease, etc.) 4. Employment records 5. Insurance documents 

    GROUP TWO 1. Welfare/child care records 2. Federal records (Federal Tax, Social Security, etc.) 3. State records 4. Local (municipal) records 5. Support payment records 6. Homeowner or tenant records 7. Military records 

    GROUP THREE 1. Voter’s Registration 2. Utility bills (i.e., gas, electric, water/ sewer, phone, mobile phone, heating, waste disposal) 3. Financial records (i.e. loan, credit, investments, etc.) 4. Medical records 5. Internet, cable, or satellite records

School Enrollment 

  • School Enrollment form is an option ONLY for players that live outside of our district's territory, but attend a school IN our territory.  Livermore School District has instructed schools to ONLY fill this form out if you live outside of our district, but attend a school in.  
  • Enrollment Form can be downloaded here.  Once filled out, it too needs to be uploaded to your player's profile. This upload location is found in the same place as the birth certificate above.
    • League ID for enrollment form: 04055712 
    • We are working with LVJUSD (Livermore School District) to ensure the School Enrollment forms are being filled out. However, this will only be filled out for students that live outside of our school district but attend a school inside our district.  Please only submit this form if this is your situation.
      • If you filled out the school enrollment form last year, you may resubmit (upload) that same form to us again this year as it can be reused as long as your player has not changed schools.  
      • If you no longer have the form from the prior season, it will need to be filled out again as our system does not retain them from year to year for security purposes. Please note, we can carry over the school enrollment form year to year, but residency validation (above) must be re-validated every year per little league rules.
 Concussion Acknowledgment Form
  • CA law requires each player have a signed form by the parent acknowledging the risks of concussion. This was acknowledged during the registration process but you can find the document here

 Volunteer Background Check Form

  • Little League requires all volunteers are background checked so that we provide a safe environment for your child. JDP is the official background check company from Little League and our safety officer will email you (from JDP) the application for the background check.
  • All volunteers are required to fill out this secure online form from JDP. This will be required for any volunteer position that you enrolled for during the registration process.
  • We take the names and emails from registration and upload that to JDP for everyone who opt'd to volunteer. The email will have come from JDP under the name of "Livermore Little League <[email protected]>", please check your spam or junk folder. 
Email Sample of Background: 

  • If you have not yet received a link from JDP to fill out the application, you may request a link here. Provide us your name and email and we'll send you your own unique JDP link. 
  • Every volunteer needs their own unique link. Grandparents and spouses are the most likely ones needing to request their own link using this google form.




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