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GameChanger is a fantastic (and Free!) tool that we utilize to keep score.  It replaces, in some cases, the traditional paper scorebooks.  Please see the Scorekeeper page for more details

This page is designed as a How To page for questions regarding GameChanger specifically.  You can also utilize the website for all of their tutorials. If you have any questions on GameChanger, you may email us at: [email protected]

It is recommended that you score the games with your smartphone or tablet.  Either works fine, but you need reliable internet on your device. It's the same experience on either, except a tablet allows you to see the lineup while making the plays, whereas on a smartphone you have to tap to pull up the lineup. It uses very little internet (only a few megabytes per game, this is a very little amount).

How to substitute players: 
At any point during the game, you can simply tap on the player in the field and select a new player who is entering the game. At that moment in the game, it will substitute the player. 

What if they bat out of order?
If they bat out of order, you may not say anything to the umpire or coaches. Let it happen. It is up to the manager to call it. If the batter gets on base, and another pitch is thrown to the next batter, the play stands and you move on. If the coach tells the umpire before a pitch is thrown to the new batter, the batter is out (let the umpire sort this out).

How to score this in GC, you tap on the white bar near the top with the batter's name and number.  A menu appears that has the batter's name and number, the second menu option says "Skip to a different batter".  Select the new batter, and proceed with the count.  
(Be sure to do this at the first pitch of the batter.). Note, GC will skip to that batter and proceed in order.  If they only had one person out of order, then go back to the lineup, double check that the right batter is up to bat.  The button at the bottom that shows lineup, will show you who's up to bat (
Icons on the left > bat icon).

Email in your questions to [email protected] and we'll update them here.


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